22 Things Creative Change Challenge - My List


The brilliant and talented Angie Richmond has done it again — inspired myself and countless others, that is. Writer, blogger, artist, and social media guru, Angie is working to add something else to her repertoire — Life Coach — and her first assignment is for anyone out there wishing to make some changes to their life, no matter how small. In fact, small goals are welcome and she encourages you to brainstorm 22 of them!

Now don’t let the number 22 freak you out because take it from me, once you get started it’s pretty easy to come up with a long list of small steps forward. If you are thinking about a career change, going back to school, starting a family, moving to a new city, taking a vacation, improving your fitness regimen, writing a novel, starting a business, or anything in between, sign up for Angie’s 22 Things Challenge today and get started on the path to making your big goals a reality by setting a few small, manageable goals first.

My long-term goal is to become a skilled and successful communications professional and here is my list of 22 Things!

1. Experiment more with photography.
2. Read more.
3. Volunteer with an organization I am passionate about.
4. Finish one of my many creative writing works in progress.
5. Go to yoga.
6. Blog more.
7. Utilize Twitter and Pinterest more often.
8. Live in the moment.
9. Try not to be such a worry-wort!
10. Research places and opportunities I may not have thought about in the past.
11. Organize/decorate my creative space.
12. Be more positive.
13. Have fun with my craft.
14. Watch more “writers” movies.
15. Read a book about public relations and communications.
16. Network.
17. Work on my patience.
18. Work on my writing portfolio.
19. Get out and attend all the free workshops, information sessions, and events related to my field that I can!
20. Save money for the future.
21. Take Risks.
22. Believe in myself.

Five Sentence Fiction



He stands among the crowd nodding his head and tapping his foot steadily to the beat of the music. His date sways her hips suggestively next to him but he only has eyes for the colourful notes floating through the air, falling softly in his ears and littering the stage in front of him. What I wouldn't give to be up there with the band, adrenaline flowing and blood pumping through my veins, he thinks. What he didn't give to his music over the years, escapes him. So he stands among the crowd, nodding his head to the beat of the music, wishing, dreaming, yearning — for stardom.

Finding Skin Solace with Di Erbe Skin Care Products


I've always had extremely sensitive and easily irritated skin and by that I mean that I can't count on two hands the number of full-blown skin reactions I've had to soaps, moisturizers, sun screen, and makeup.

This is why I was so thankful to find a product two years ago that not only didn't cause my skin to flare up but soothed existing redness and irritation in my skin. You may have heard of Biotherm products, sold only in departments stores like The Bay and Sears and select Shoppers Drug Marts, and you would be right to assume that their 100% alcohol free, perfume free, dye free, and mild PH formula does not come cheap. At $19.00 for a bottle of cleanser, another $19.00 for toner, and $45.00 for daily moisturizer, I was spending approximately $83.00 a month on my skin care regimen; a necessity given the problems I had encountered in the past with nearly every other product is what I kept telling myself, but eventually my wallet started to disagree.

That's when I decided to go back to the drawing board and experiment with some less expensive brands I'd seen advertising non-irritating skin care products. To make a long story short, none of them agreed with my skin. From Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser to Neutrogena's most basic facial cleansing bar to Cliniderm, a specialized skin care line for those with allergic, sensitive, reactive or dry skin who's daily facial cleanser left my skin so dry it began to peel, not one product proved even close in quality or comfort to Biotherm. Then I discovered Di Erbe.

One day at work I was discussing my skin woes with a co-worker when she told me about Di Erbe, a Winnipeg company that makes and sells certified organic and vegan skin care products. She raved about their bestselling bar of soap called the "healing neem" and encouraged me to check out the store. After hearing her account of the miraculous soap I was hopeful it might just work for me as well and I headed straight there on my way home from work.

Located on Marion street approximately five minutes from where I live, I had driven by the modest-sized and elegantly decorated store numerous times but had never thought to stop and go in. As soon as I set foot in the store however, I immediately felt as if I had discovered a place that I would be coming back to visit on a regular basis. After just a few minutes of browsing I was sure that even if I didn't find something there for myself, delicately packaged soaps tied with ribbon, red clover tea and vanilla fusion scented lotions, and handcrafted candles would make for thoughtful gifts for my family and friends. I was actually becoming quite sidetracked with all the different products on display when a friendly sales representative approached me and asked what brought me into the store. I briefly described my problem skin and she right away recommended the healing neem facial bar along with another product: Argan oil. At first I was leery about applying oil directly to my face as a moisturizer but as the sales representative described the many benefits of Argan oil, including the naturally high level of vitamin E contained in the oil, several anti-aging related benefits, and even went on to explain how the oil can be applied directly to a breakout area to improve the condition of the skin, I decided I had to give it a try. After all, with the healing neem facial bar a whopping $6.99 and the Argan oil $19.99, the grand total for my new skin cleansing system was a far cry from what I was already accustomed to spending each month.

It has now been approximately three weeks since I became a Di Erbe customer and I've been using the healing neem and the Argan oil twice daily and couldn't be more pleased with the results. My skin feels absolutely amazing and I have experienced no dryness or irritation whatsoever. Taking off my makeup at night is a breeze and neither makeup remover nor toner is required as the heeling neem cleanses thoroughly on its own. Argan oil has turned out to be an incredibly impressive product as well, leaving my skin feeling soft and looking radiant after each use. Although I can't yet speak to the long-term benefits of either product, I can say that so far I am thrilled to have healthy, great looking skin again thanks to local, all-natural, certified organic, and vegan products at a reasonable price!

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