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As some of you know, I am enrolled in Creative Communications at Red River College. So far, college has been a vastly different experience for me than university and after being out of school and in the work force for almost three years, it feels strange to be completing assignments and preparing for tests again. But I am excited and positive about what the next two years will bring in terms of furthering my education in the communications field and making new friends. Over the next several months I plan to blog about life as a communications student, fashion, art, writing, and creativity and also to post the odd school assignment for my classmates to read and anyone else that might find my assignments interesting. I hope you check back from time to time to see what I'm writing about and I encourage your comments and constructive criticism with everything I publish. Well, bye for now and wish me luck on my crazy adventure as a student yet again - I'll need it!


  1. Nice-looking blog! Also: wish me luck on my crazy teaching adventure - I'll need it too. Ha, ha! Cheers, Kenton

  2. Thanks for including your archived blogs.

  3. Fantastic blog Meghan. Very clean. I like your list of 22 things you'd like to improve or initiate in your life. There are a few on there that apply to me, like numbers 2, 17 and 20.

    Good luck this year!



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