B.C. Prawns & Salmon


Prawns and Salmon caught off Moresby Island, B.C.

After a long week of school and work, it was finally time to relax! I can’t think of a better way to relax than with friends, food, and wine and that’s exactly how I spent my Friday night.

My good friend Sheldon just got back from a three week fishing trip in B.C. and brought home with him more prawns, salmon, crab, and cod than he and his roommate could ever hope to eat by themselves. He invited my boyfriend and I over for a seafood feast and take it from me, it was delicious!



Sheldon and his Grandpa made the 40 hour drive from Winnipeg to B.C in just four days. The longest stretch they managed without stopping was 22 hours; the drive from Roblin to Kamloops. In Kamloops, they met up with the rest of their party, Sheldon's uncle and cousins. The group then made their way to Prince Rupert where they took the first of two ferry rides to Moresby. They spent the majority of their trip fishing off the sheltered island of Moresby, where it was safe to drive their 14 foot aluminum boat.  

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I am a huge seafood fan (I was born in Newfoundland after all!) and prawns and salmon are my first choice of seafood when ordering at a restaurant. The salmon and prawns Sheldon prepared for us last night were absolutely mouth-watering and in my opinion, rival the seafood served at any restaurant in town, not to mention the bags of frozen stuff sold at grocery stores. 

Thank you for the wonderful meal Sheldon!


  1. I'm a seafood fan too, although I was born on the flatland.


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