Gary Doer Talks to Creative Communications Students


Gary Doer speaking to Red River College Creative Communications Students

One of the many reasons I love the Creative Communications program at Red River College is that not a week goes by without a visit from at least one journalist, author, producer, PR professional, media personality, or politician.

On Friday, none other than Canada's ambassador to the United States and former NDP Manitoba premiere, Gary Doer spoke to us about the outcome of the U.S. election, Canada's stance on Iran, and the need for more trade between Canada and the U.S.

Doer was informative and entertaining as he addressed our class, concluding his presentation with a joke about how we would get to watch him play dodgeball with the media.

This was Doer's second visit to Red River College in two years. He also spoke to Creative Communications students in November of 2011. Doer's daughter Emily is a second-year Creative Communications student.

Gary Doer and I


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