My family brought home Topaz and his sister Sapphire thirteen years ago. We had been looking for a kitten for a few months and I remember when we laid eyes on them — the cutest chocolate-point siamese kittens we'de ever seen— we knew we were done for. They had so much energy and were so excited to have visitors that all of a sudden they would jump up, hook their little claws into our pants, and try to climb all the way up into our arms. We couldn't resist getting both of them.

Topaz turned out to be the goofy one. A little on the larger side, he was very particular about his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you were late feeding him, he would howl until you stopped what you were doing and paid attention to him. There's no doubt he was spoiled, but it's because we loved him so much.

His favorite place to be was curled up under a blanket. When the family was all together in the living room, he would prance in and claim his spot in his favorite chair in the corner of the room near the fireplace and one of us would set a blanket over top of him.

Sadly, Topaz passed away suddenly at my parent's house a few days ago. It was heartwrenching and a very hard week for me to get through. Topaz was much more than a cat, he was a little friend I could always count on being there and a member of our family. I will miss him with all my heart.


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