Magazine Trade Fair Success!


Anthony Carvalho and I manning Sprout's booth at the Magazine Trade Fair!

I can't believe it's almost April and my first-year of CreComm will be coming to an end in just a couple of weeks.

On Thursday, we wrapped up our major first-year project at the Creative Communications Magazine Trade Fair. My group and I launched Sprout, a magazine about environmentalism and sustainable living that we have been working on since we returned to college in January.

Overall, the response to our magazine and booth at the trade fair was overwhelmingly positive. A number of people said that if they saw Sprout on the rack at a bookstore, it would stand out from all the other magazines and that they would buy it. This is one of the best compliments we could receive as the whole point of the project was to create a real magazine that our target audience would find compelling enough to actually spend money on it. 

With magazines and other print publications struggling to survive and capture reader attention, it was extremely important that our marketing and PR tactics were focused and strategic in order to convince people to give Sprout a chance. I think we did very well putting together a booth at the trade fair that was exciting and interesting for people. Our booth was made out of wood and mats made out of recycled tires. We had a monitor displaying a slideshow of our magazine and a page thanking our sponsors, a draw for two Winnipeg Jets tickets donated by our sponsor Recycle Everywhere and several giveaways including Recycle Everywhere merchandise like pens and magnets, and all-natural vegan soap donated by our sponsor Di e Erbe.

I would like to congratulate all the magazine groups for all their hard work, and give a special congratulations to the groups that won awards for best content, best layout, and best overall.

Congratulations to Deepend magazine for winning best content. Your magazine showcased a whole other side to skateboarding and the article about the blind skateboarder was truly inspiring.

Congratulations to Neat magazine for winning best layout. I am really impressed with how modern and clean your magazine looked. Well done.

And last but not least, congratulations to The Hack magazine for winning best overall. This group did a fantastic job on content, layout, photography, and marketing. One of my best friends was also in this magazine group and I know how hard she worked on this project. Congratulations to you all!


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