22 Things After 1 Year of CreComm


More than one year ago I made a list of 22 things.

Twenty-two bite-sized goals I wanted to accomplish in the months leading up to starting the Creative Communications program, and continue working on throughout the school year.

The 22 things Creative Change Challenge is actually something my friend Angie Richmond started to help herself and others begin taking small steps toward positive change. She posted the challenge on her blog and encouraged people to sign up and make a list of twenty-two small steps they could take to change their life for the better.

It's kind of funny to look back at the list I made in March 2012. Some of the things I listed are really cheesy (No. 9 - worry-wort? really?). On the other hand, I am surprised by how many goals I accomplished. I'm the kind of person that makes a ton of lists, yet I never go back to cross anything out. It bothers me too much to see hard evidence of the two or three things I didn't finish. I'm well aware of what I didn't get to in a day, I don't need a reminder.

But I completed a few long-term projects in CreComm this year and I learned how important it is to evaluate progress during and at the end of any project. I may have missed out this time on evaluating throughout the process, but with the academic year coming to an end, It's a good time to reflect on the things on my list I did and didn't accomplish.

My list of 22 Things (made on March 2012)

1. Experiment more with photography
2. Read more. 
3. Volunteer with an organization I am passionate about.
4. Finish one of my many creative writing works in progress.
5. Go to yoga.
6. Blog more. 
7. Utilize Twitter and Pinterest more often.
8. Live in the moment.
9. Try not to be such a worry-wort!
10. Research places and opportunities I may not have thought about in the past.
11. Organize/decorate my creative space. 
12. Be more positive.
13. Have fun with my craft.
14. Watch more “writers” movies.
15. Read a book about public relations and communications.
16. Network. 
17. Work on my patience.
18. Work on my writing portfolio. 
19. Get out and attend all the free workshops, information sessions, and events related to my field that I can!
20. Save money for the future.
21. Take Risks.
22. Believe in myself.

My new list of 22 things

1. Go to yoga.
2. Go running outside once a week.
3. Ride my bike more often.
4. Drink more water.
5. Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night.
6. Spend more time with family.
7. Cook with more vegetables.
8. Create art for the walls in my house.
9. Learn to sew.
10. Save money.
11. Buy golf clubs.
12. Go golfing.
13. Buy a camera.
14. Take LOTS of photos.
15. Learn more about Photoshop and InDesign.
16. Learn more about colour theory and typography.
17. Write for Community News Commons.
18. Go camping this summer.
19. Redesign my blog.
20. Create business cards.
21. Update my LinkedIn profile.
22. Have fun.


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