After five years of post-secondary education, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don't get me wrong, I love school — always have, but I've got two semesters to go until I will graduate college and be applying for a full-time, permanent job. That's a pretty good feeling.

With graduation a mere eight months away, it's time to develop a blog that will really showcase the skills I've learned over the course of my education, and one I can take with me as I pursue a career in communications.

Instead of a blog, I will soon be launching a personal website that will include a section for a blog. I'm really excited about this next step and being able to house a portfolio of my work online. From my writing to photography, it will be much more efficient for people to view samples of my work (even if it's only my parents who do so for a while :)

Developing a website, even if I am using a WordPress template, is a new challenge for me. I had to first make sure the domain I wanted was available, purchase it, and then obtain hosting. Thankfully, the company I purchased hosting through ( has provided excellent customer service so far. My assigned web coach — yes, web coach! — followed up with me immediately after my purchase, and even called to let me know that I had accidentally paid too much for an extra service I didn't need, and promptly refunded my money. I wasn't sure how this was all going to go at first, but it seems to all be falling into place.

So, hopefully by next week (I do have an IPP to work on here!) I'll be able to launch and invite you all to check it out!


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