Capturing dance


Every photographer has a favourite "type" of photography. For some, landscape, wildlife or still photography is where they feel most at home. For others, sports, architecture or micro photography of plants and insects is most interesting. 

For me, it's anything involving people. I love fashion shoots, portrait, family and baby photography, and photographing events where people's faces and interactions are the focus. This is why I was so excited to photograph my friend Breanne Hearsum's fundraising event in support of The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Breanne’s event was a two-day dance-a-thon called Dance 4U that took place at two elementary schools in Winnipeg. More than 200 kids participated, collecting pledges from family and friends for The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

During the dance-a-thon, the kids learned jazz, hip hop and Zumba from volunteer dance teachers. All the kids had so much energy that I spent most of the time running from one side of the gym to the other to capture them laughing and smiling as they danced with their friends.

It was a successful event all around, with the kids learning that dance can be a fun, heart-healthy activity and the two schools raising more than $13,000! 

Well done Breanne!


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