There are many advantages to shooting and editing photos using Camera RAW.

Unlike JPEGs, RAW files are uncompressed and contain a high dynamic range (ability to display highlights and shadows). They also contain loads more information than JPEGs, which means you have more room to manipulate the image in post and experiment with exposure, colour and bringing out detail.

RAW files are also not ready to print right from your camera like JPEGs are. They must be processed in Adobe Camera RAW, which is a program that looks like this:

In Adobe Camera RAW you can make changes to your image by moving the many different sliders in the panel on the right-hand side of the screen. If you want to give the image a warmer look for example, simply move the temperature slider to the right. If you want to soften the overall look of the image (good for wedding and baby photography) you can move the clarity slider to the left.

I recently took photos of Winnipeg's Exchange District in both JPEG and RAW. The original, untouched JPEG images are on the left, and the enhanced photos using Adobe Camera RAW are on the right.

For more information about editing photos in Adobe Camera RAW, watch this free tutorial http://www.digitaltutors.com/lesson/15762-Camera-RAW 


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