Seniors' Stories


I go to school with some pretty amazing people.

One of them, my good friend Larissa Peck, just finished writing a book. It's called Decaf Coffee Dates and it features the life stories of eleven seniors in Winnipeg.

I'll admit when Larissa first told me about her idea to write the book, I wasn't completely sold. I knew she was a great writer, but I wasn't sure about her success in making the book accessible to an audience other than the featured seniors' families, let alone young people.

But she did it, and she did it extremely well.

Her book launch at McNally Robinson this past Wednesday saw a turnout of 140 people. I had the pleasure taking photos throughout the evening and it was an incredible experience to capture the excitement on all the seniors' faces and the happiness on Larissa's.

Check out some photos from the launch below and to purchase a copy of Decaf Coffee Dates, visit


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